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  • Can anyone use Aromacy?
    The products we use to create Aromacy are gentle enough even for those with sensitive skin. It’s suitable for all ages, from younger people with prominent hyperpigmentation marks, through to older users suffering from age spots (sometimes called ‘liver spots’).
  • How do you use Aromacy?
    Aromacy is easy to include in your daily skincare routine. Simply wash your skin and dry it thoroughly, then use a small amount of Aromacy on the areas you want to target. Allow it to be absorbed by the skin. You can apply it all over your face if you wish, but that means a 10ml bottle of cream isn’t going to last very long! Always remember to use SPF or sun creams afterwards for maximum effect and to prevent new pigmentation or sun damage.
  • Is Aromacy tested on animals?
    Absolutely not. No cosmetic product or its constituent ingredients has been allowed to be tested on animals In UK and Europ since 2012.
  • Is Aromacy vegan friendly?
    Yes. No animal by-products are used in the production of Aromacy.
  • What about environment and sustainablity, is Aromacy recyclable?"
    We understand just how important minimising waste is, so we’ve actively pushed to make all aspects of Aromacy as environmentally-friendly as we can. That means our packaging is fully recyclable and from sustainable sources (FSC certified). Read about (FSC)Forest Stewardship Council here... Our bottles are mostly recyclable, please check with your local council for further details on what can and cannot be recycled in your area.
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